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Who Are We?

TOSEN was established 2009 on Perfect World International. We prevailed for 6+ years on PWI.

In late 2012 TOSEN was formed on Guild Wars 2.  We were known as a roaming guild in GW2. While TOSEN is still on GW2 it is not recruiting and focus has been shifted to the future.

In 2013 TOSEN was formed for Archeage. The guild gained a reputation for being a fun merc guild and allying with some of the biggest guilds on the server.

In 2016 TOSEN was formed on Black Desert Online. Over the years TOSEN has made big alliances and even participated in some of the biggest battles on the server.

Throughout a host of MMOs, MOBAs, and other games the guild continued to play on! We have established ourselves and continue to thrive. Now new adventures await the community! Become a part of history join TOSEN today!


  • You must be age 18+

  • Have thick skin and can take a joke.

  • Comfortable with occasional political and religious discussion.

  • English Speaking

  • Willing to join Website and Discord communities

Please note that the guild is based on East Coast USA time. If you plan to do activities with us please adjust your time accordingly.



Join the guild in discord and start interacting today! Upon joining please be sure to read the rules thoroughly and assign your roles.

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  • YouTube


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